Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally! Time to Read: Five Titles to Consider As Your Next Book Choice


Pearl writes, "I just finished reading Cokie Roberts' book, Founding Mothers: The Women who Raised our Nation(2005). It is not a fast read, but I found it interesting to learn about what women's lives were like during the revolutionary times. And ....I learned that Benjamin Franklin was not such a nice guy!

Note:   Roberts also followed up with Ladies of Liberty:  The Women Who Shaped Our Nation, 2009.

Becky also  recommends a non-fiction selection. She writes, "I have a book I would like to recommend -- Citizens of London by Lynne Olson. It begins just after Joseph Kennedy has left London as our Ambassador. The new Ambassador[John Gilbert Winant] arrives and, unlike Kennedy, he is in favor of the United States entering the war. Edward R. Murrow is also a key figure in this book. I think a book is worth my time if I learn something new and throughout this book I often thought, "I never knew that before."

Historical Fiction

Pearl also recommends The Pearl Diver by Jeff Talarigo  She comments, "I found it fascinating."  She includes the quote 'In 1948, a nineteen-year-old pearl diver's dreams of spending her life combing the waters of Japan's Inland Sea are shattered when she discovers she has leprosy.' " The Pearl Diver is historical fiction and, in 2005, won the American Academy of Arts and Letters Rosenthal Award.


Coming from Bob A.  are  2 works of fiction.  Bob writes, "I enjoy mysteries, political thrillers, and spy novels, etc. Hence, a couple of good, fast, and compelling reads--The first: One Rough Man by Brad Taylor(2011). It is especially good and is Taylor's first book. The author was in Special Forces(Delta Force) in the Army for 21 years and really knows his stuff--comparable reads to those of Lee Childs and Vince Flynn, and the main character is like those guys(Jack Reacher; Mitch Rapp)  but on steroids.  Anyway, I love the George Orwell quote appearing  in the front of the book and also posted in the main character's(Pike Logan) locker which is 'People sleep peacefully at night only because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would do them harm.'  A great line in my humble opinion. "

Bob's second recommendation is Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott (2011) and is described on the website, Rapsody in Books-a site we should check out for excellent reviews.  Adrenaline is described on the website as a novel of "terrorism, betrayal, treason, lots of deaths, and an international chase."  The entire review is posted at

Thanks to Pearl, Becky and Bob A. for giving us a heads up on these books.

Sharing the Experiences of Women

Whatever our age, we have all experienced mentoring.  We have been mentored by older professional women, our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends.  We have mentored younger professional women; we have tried to guide our own daughters, nieces, and granddaughters to professional success.Whether in our offices, our classrooms, or at home, we have spent a lifetime learning from our older colleagues and passing that wisdom on to younger women when they want advice.
 Learning about successful women can be a  motivator for younger women.  By our own examples, we have already helped them in small ways.  And knowing about the powerful women across the globe who are influencing the course of events worldwide can give them so many ideas for their own direction in life.

Elaine has sent us a note to check out the profiles of the 19 women who are presidents or prime ministers of their respective countries.   Compiled by Marlo Thomas, the article also mentions little known info such as Gracie Allen's 1940 presidential bid on the 'Surprise Party' ticket!  Want to encourage a young woman to professional success?  Share Thomas's blog entry about these amazing women.

You can find  Marlo's blog on the Huffington Post site. Some of us might immediately discount anything on a site that promotes political views contrary to our own.  But, no matter your political persuasion, give Marlo's blog and related links a try.  It is surprising for a first-time reader that really interesting articles are posted on Healthy Living (such as Minimalist Running: To Shoe or Not to Shoe";  "Women and Work:  This is What Real Women Working Look Like") as well as a video interview with Gloria Steinem on "The Next Goals for the Women's Movement". Access the blog at

Thanks to Elaine for pointing us to Marlo's blog entry on women who are world leaders and for giving us another way to mentor the young women who come our way.